EE and the Hospital


Written by Hylian Girl. Originally posted in V1.0 of EE forums. This fiction was dropped.

Chapter 1: The Pain

Everything was normal in the random unnamed apartment hall…well, normal as it can get for tenants of the place.
"DEATHTOCHIKEEEEENNNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!"(proceeds to smash ! button)
Yes, Eddie was creaming what was going to be dinner, and Bob was watching with despair (Saya with mild amusement)
"Eddie you idiot! That's Tofu chicken! It's made of soy! Even if it was real, it would already be dead!"
Eddie stopped and looked at the now mutilated/squashed tofu chicken,
"What's your point? Chickens souls can possess the eater!" he said knowingly Bob glared
"Eddie, this is the fifth dinner you've ruined, why must everything be splattered."
"Yes" Saya added "Chickens aren't the only evil out there, what about Furbys." (there in allegiance I tell you!)
Bob was about to go to Sal's to borrow Chelsea, when he slipped on a random hunk of tofu, went hurdling through the kitchen, was thrown into a wall, staggered onto a random mousetrap, and went flying out the window, fortunately his fall was broken by a large pile of coffee mugs throw out the window by Eddie the previous week. Saya and Eddie looked down at him and could barely hear him.
"Ow! I think I broke something!"
Saya gave her trademark look and sighed,
To the hospital with him then.
Next time: the ambulance ride

Chapter 2: The Ambulance

By the time Bob had been wheeled into the ambulance, Sal, Fred and Karl had been filled in on what had happened, and Bob was soon on his way to the hospital. Bob, being Bob asked with slight worry,
"Do you know if others are in here with me, and if so are they sane?"
The paramedic looked at him slightly confused, but more Irritated
"You mean the guy with the red shirt?"
Bob groaned as Eddie appeared like his hammer (out of nowhere) with a crazy look on his face
"Hey Bob, it's a moving hospital, how 'bout that!"
He turned to the pulse scanner, and did one of the most annoying things,
"Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep"
Meanwhile, Saya was explaining the incident for the tenth time to Karl
"And then he fell out the window, breaking something."
"You don't know what he broke?"
"I'm not a doctor and there's nothing to worry about Eddies with him."
At that point the phone rang and was answered by Sal
"Hello? Eddie? How's Bob? I have to repeat everything you say so you'll tell me? Yes? He broke his arm? Cracked a rib? He says 'whoever told Eddie to come with him should jump into a dump truck?' Come shortly? Okay, bye."
She turned to Saya and Karl, who interrupted her.
"We heard, come on."

Chapter 3: Diagnosis (with a special guest)

When everyone else had arrived at the hospital, Bob had Eddie put in a strait jacket, as the others poked Eddie with sticks, Sal conversed with Bob,
"How bad is it?"
"I don't know, the doctor said to wait."
"Doctor Sims?" (I know, lame name)
"No he's on vacation, I have a different guy."
Then the door opened and the replacement entered,
"Hi everybody!"
"Hi Doctor Nick!" (Yes, THAT Doctor Nick)
Doctor Nick Riviera moved up towards Bob and showed the X-rays,
"Well, you are a very sick boy!" He held them to the light "See this here? That's Tumor, and this smudge that looks like cheeto's? No, that's trauma. He will need surgery."
"I never knew trauma was orange." said Saya sarcastically.
Fred looked at the X-rays closely (please don't ask how she got in) and frowned
"This looks like a simple fracture, no need for surgery."
Karl shushed her "Quiet, the doctor knows best!"
"So," said Doctor Nick "Tomorrow we give Bob surgery."

TBC, Next chapter: Surgery

Sorry, it was never finished.