Eddie in the Hospital


Written by Harley Mathieson and is a completed piece.


The rain beat down heavily on the apartment, Bob had gone to Burgundy’s, Jason had decide to take Sal and Karl out to a club and Vladic and Harvoc were nowhere to be seen leaving Eddie and Saya in the apartment on there own, what dint go well with Saya.

Saya was just sitting on her bed reading a book trying to ignore Eddie who was calling her no stop.

“Saya, come quick bright light” Eddie yelled at the top of his lungs, Saya groaned and replied back in slight angry tone.

“Yes Eddie there Called light Bulbs, I thought you already knew that” then she continued into her book, and then her nose caught a faint sniff of smoke,

“Ow, ow bright lights hurt” Eddie started to scream this repeatedly, just then Saya had realised what had happened, she ran out of her room and into the kitchen, where a fire had taken up most of the oven, she quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher, and put the flame out.

She then proceeded to turn the oven off and turned around to Eddie and screeched,
“What the hell do you think you were doing Eddie!” Eddie was clutching the wrist of his hand which was all red, most likely due to trying to put the fire out by him self.

“I was trying to make dinner, I want Saya help but you dint come when Eddie yelled” I Eddie said in a weeping panic, Saya sighed, and grabbed held of Eddies arm and put his hand under a tap and turned the cold water on.

“Okey leave this it under the tap and call me when it feels better” she said, in a tone which sounded very irritated, Eddie nodded, Saya headed towards the door.

Eddie made a quick reply before she left “don’t you want dinner still?”

Saya sighed “no Eddie I’m fine”

“are you sure?, then Eddie can help Saya?, or maybe hand out with Saya? Or…”
Eddie said franticly.

“No Eddie, I don’t need you to do anything, I don’t WANT you to do anything, just go away and leave me in peace” Saya yelled, this was her second time alone with Eddie, and with no one else to put his attention on it was driving her crazy.

“Oh…oh, okey” Eddie said sadly as Saya walked out of the kitchen, as soon as his hand felt better he wrapped it up in a bandage, and went out of the apartment, lucky for him it had stopped raining by then, minutes passed, and Bob finally returned, shortly followed by Sal, Karl and Jason they all started to feel a bit off when they returned, no loud noises, no trouble.

Bob made his way to Saya’s room Tapped on the door and asked “hey Saya Have you seen Eddie?”

Saya replied not taking to much concern “not since three minutes ago, when he nearly burned down the building”

“Oh okay, wait WHAT?” Bob replied in concern, mean while Eddie was kicking a pebble along the street muttering to himself how stupid he was, and out of anger for himself, he pulled out his mallet and a mail box to pieces with one clean hit.

“HEY!, hey kid” a man wearing overalls and a construction hat ran up to Eddie

Eddie spun round in a panic “I dint mean to brake I’m sorry”

“No you got me all wrong, I came hear to ask if you would do something for me” the man said cheerfully, Eddies face lit up with joy and nodded not even knowing what he was going to do, the man led Eddie to a builders site.

“All I want you to is knock down the main support beam for this building and then run out of there, I would get one of my boys to do it but there all off on a lunch brake” he explained, Eddie headed inside the building.

He looked around at all the beams “which ones the main support beam,…Oh well I guess I will knock them all down” he said to himself, Eddie proceeded to knock over as many beams as he could, he stopped to catch his breath when dust and rubble from the ceiling start falling on him and the building started creaking.

The shouted out to Eddie “Move Kid, get out of there” but Eddie started to scratch his Head.

Eddie to started to talk to him self trying to remember “what did Saya say to do again when some says Move…..Oh Yeah she said to Mo.” Before he could finish the whole building collapsed on him, back at the apartment every one was in Bob and Eddies living room when the phone rang.

Bob picked it up “Hello, yes I do know a Eddie…yeah a just Eddie, WHAT?” bob hanged up in shock and faced every one.

Sal broke the silence by saying “who was that Bob?” wondering what was up with her cousin.

Bob replied still in shock “its Eddie….he’s in the Hospital” Every one just went cold, and fast as they could they rushed to the hospital, they found the ward Eddie, a hour passed and Sal had come back after speaking to the doctor.

“Apparently he was doing a job for some construction workers, they told him to move but they say he just stood there scratching his head like he was trying to remember something” Sal explained to them, Saya looked down at her feet knowing Eddie tried to remember what she told him, and that he wouldn’t be there if she dint kick him out.

It was growing close to the end of the day, and everyone was heading back, but Saya stayed behind besides Eddie, Sal put her hand on her shoulder.

“Come on, we better get some sleep, we can come back tomorrow” she explained trying to comfort her friend, Saya pushed her hand off.

“its alright I’m going to stay here, in case he wakes up” Saya said, Sal left, morning came and Saya woke up lying on top of Eddie who to much of her disappointment was still in a coma, she got up to get some coffee from on of the vending machines, she heard a bunch of doctors talking about something as they rushed in the direction of Eddies ward, Saya followed them dropping her Coffee onto the floor.

When she got there Eddies Vitals where going crazy, and he was shaking around on his bed as doctors tried to hold him down, they where applying drugs to him, tears were streaming down Sayas face, just then Eddies vitals went flat Saya looked in shock, weeping and shouting his name throw the sound proof glass until she passed out from shock, when she came to she was sitting in the waiting room.

A nurse explained “you passed out from shock, be careful nex...” but Saya dint let her finish, she ran towards Eddies ward, but he was gone Saya looked around panicking she grabbed the nearest doctor.

She growled at him “what happened to the man who was hear”,

The doctor replied in a panic “he...he was moved to another ward down the hall” Saya took his directions until she came across Eddie, he still appeared to be in a coma, she ran up next to him not realising she was crying.

“Oh Eddie, I’m so sorry” she said look down on him, just then Eddie started to turn and toss, until he opened an eye

“Gah…cold, why is Saya crying” Eddie said to Saya astonishment, Saya hugged him while Eddie just stayed confused not realising he was in a coma, just then the other came running in expect a half dead Eddie, but where glad to see him awake, after much rejoicing the Doctors Explained that some one would have to look after Eddie for a few weeks, Saya immediately gave her self that job, that started walking back to the apartment, and some how Eddie had got it into his head that chickens had caused the building to fall on him.

Sal stopped Saya at the front door “how are you going to look after him when your rooms are so far apart” Sal asked
Saya replied by asking “do you still have my sleeping bag I let you borrow” Sal smirked at her friend and nodded, Saya frowned and replied “don’t get any ideas Sal”

“Same goes for you Saya” Sal replied giggling.