The Adventure


Written by Danius Ortiz and is an uncompleted piece.

~Part 1~

THe hallways of the apartment were silent. Then, a loud noise erupts.

"EDDDIIEEE!!!" A voice screams.

"Sorry, Sal!"

Eddie runs down the building, with Sal running behind. Bob and Karl come out behind. Just
As Sal catches up to Eddie, a portal opens.

The group stops at it, and Karl checks his Arm-Device.

"Nope, not my doing," He says, looking at the portal.Eddie walks closer.

"I SEE CHICKENS!" He exclaims, and runs in.

"Eddie!" bob shouts, and runs in.

Sal and karl are left, outside the apartment. Sal shrugs.

"We should go in after them," She sighs.

"Right, who knows what trouble they could end up in?"Karl answers, and runs in, with
Sal behind.

Eddie lands on a grassy field. He coughs up some grass, and moans.Then Bob falls behind.

"Eddie, what the hell were you thinking!?" He shouts.

"I saw a chicken! LOOK! THERE!" He points.

A small, brown pile of dirt, shaped to resemble a chicken, was in front of them.
Before Bob can react, Sal falls on top of him, then as she rolls off, Karl falls on him.
Bob groans, and Karl jumps off.

"Sorry, didn't see ya there!" Karl remarks

"Sorry, cuz, you ok?" Sal helps Bob up.He shakes some dirt off.

"I've been better" He looks around. The chicken was gone- and so was eddie. They were
On top of a small bump on a large plain that went on for a horizion. Or five.

"Great. Were did Eddie go?"

Sal and Karl look around. Nothing but grassy feilds, them on top of the only hieght.

"I don't like the feeling of this. Theres no were Eddie could hide..." Sal starts.

"And the portals gone, to,"Karl remarks, looking at his Arm.

"Great, Now we have to find Eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!" Bob lands in a cave of sorts.
Sal and karl fall in after.

"Eddie must had falled in here..."

"Well, lets find him. This tunnel only goes one way..." Bob starts going down the strangely
Lighted Tunnel.

"Anyone think the light is weird? Its like we're in a ditch, yet theres dirt all over"Sal
Looks over her shoulder.

"Maybe magic, or some sort of end is near, a big one"Bob replies.

They walk down the tunnel which starts taking wild turns and finally daylight mets his eyes.

"So..." Bob says, looking from the tunnel. A large Forest stood in front of them."Eddie owes

"Woah," Karl exclaims, "That forest is huge!"

From their spot, it seemed to exit a large hill, and a creek was below. The forest, went on
for a horizion.

Then, Eddie falls down on Bob, sending them down the hill to the creek bed.

"BOB!!!! WE MUST RUN!!!"

"Cough...kaff.... Ow... Eddie! Wait! What are we running fr- fro- fr-" Bob cuts off, as a
Large Shadow appears overhead in the sky, with a roar.
Sal and Karl come down, looking at the object.It soon starts to fall.

"What is that thing?" Sal questions Eddie.


The Thing falls heavily, and rolls toward them.It stops about 10 feet away and starts to
form. A Dark, human form starts walking. It glows its teeth,many and sharp.

"oh, cra-" KArl says, it lunges foward.

The group closes it eyes.


A large, sicking crumping sound emerges, and they see the beast, dead, with a gunshot

"Woah. Dude" Karl walks foward. The beast stays down. He inches foward.

"NO! KARL! ITS A CHICKEN!!!" Eddie screams.

He prods it. it bursts. Stepping back, disqusted, he calls to the group.

"Its dead" he says a bit sick.

"But who?" Sal says, proding it with a stick, melting it even more.

They look around. Nothing but a  small creek beside, a hill to the right, and a large
forest to the left.

"OI! Get avay from zat!" A voice cries.A large man, dark blue- blackish hair comes out of
the forest, a strange pistol in hand. He was wearing a white uniform with black pants.He
comes up to the body and shoots it, making a large black sticky mess.

He pants, looking down at the body.

"um...Hello?" Sal says walking foward.

"Gah!" The man jumps, and falls on the creek."oh..ello zere"

"um, what was that..thing...?"

"Zat vas.. that was a undead rebel"

"But thats not human, the teeth..."

"And who zays it vas zapien?"

"What do you..."

She notices the mans ears, one sideways, pointed. And his height.He was even taller than

"urm... Your not Human are you?"

"Nay, i am er...Not Human. Im on a mission.."

"To kill undead?" karl bursts in.

"Not really. If i killed all undead i would be killing my sister... "

"Sister?" Sal says in bemusement.

"I think i should tell you, zen"

"Thats how it goes normally" Karl replies.

"So there you have it.. My group should be comign in by now. Oh, im Danuis, by the

"So, let me get this straigt," bob bursts, "Your governemtn- which you wn't say- has made
Interdimensonal Tech. Somehow, this revies your sister, who is now a Necromancer, and is
Sending groups of you guys to find info and wealth for your empire?"

"Not mine," Danuis replies, setting up a fire by the creek, "Jarlors. But, ya"

"So, wait, you have the power to make Portals?"

"After defeating Alien armies, ya. I killed the queen myself"


"So, wait, you can make portals, directing them?" Sal comes in.

"Yes, we choose a target, send in micro scouts, then send in a team to further scout and


"Any reason why your here?" He points at them.

"We were sent here by chasing Eddie...And no way to get back," Replies Sal. "Even Karl
has tried..."

"537 combos, and nothing" He replies, tapping his Arm-Device.

"Then its simple. We find my group, get back to the gate, find your world, send you back,
And thats the end of it!"

"ya..that could work.." mumbles Bob. "Trouble is, we have villans, and they always show

"Hey, ive killed devils. Unless your enemy is god then we can handle it..."

"Devils?" Sal askes.

"Ya, ever heard of Baal? Killed im once"


"So, then!" Danuis Jumps up. "Shall we move along then?"

"Sure," Bob says, draggin Eddie.

"Then let us go to the gold valley!"

 To be contiuned, part II

Sorry, it was never finished.