Name: Eddie

Eye Colour: Brown    Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Height: 6"3    Age: ??

Distinguishing Features: Portal in the head, appears as a strange black splotch in the center of his rather crazy hair.

Notes: As far as anyone can tell Eddie is insane, but friendly. He does however have some amazing combat abilities. Uses a mallet most of the time. He is roomates with Bob and is his self-declared best friend. Loves Jell-O, hates Chickens.



Name: Bob McKile

Eye Colour: Green    Hair Colour: Orange

Height: 5"10    Age: 19

Distinguishing Features: Often seen growing feathered wings, horns and claws. Irish accent.

Notes: Bob is a college student studying art, as well as the current "leader" of the group. Due to an incident as a child, Bob is fused with demonic-like powers that tend to become more present when he's emotionally unbalanced. He's been getting better at controlling his abilities as of late. He likes drawing cartoons, and likes to keep his life as normal as possible.



Name: Saya Caelan

Eye Colour: Purple   Hair Colour: Purple

Height: 5"2    Age: 18

Distinguishing Features: She's often grumpy.

Notes: Appears to have no superhuman abilities beyond impressive strength. She is a martial arts expert and skilled with many weapons though she prefers her fists. She's studying writing in college, and likes to read and play video games.



Name: Karl Tameron

Eye Colour: Dark Green   Hair Colour: Green

Height: 5"7    Age: 20

Distinguishing Features: Often has glowing green eyes and glowing circuit patterns over his body.

Notes: Karl is a skilled computer technician, and seems to be the only one in the apartment who can control the portal. The son of two deceased scientists, Karl was part of an experiment which has left him basically a living computer. He has poor self-esteem issues steming from this and his weight, but recently has started a romantic relationship with Sal.



Name: Sal Declan

Eye Colour: Light Blue   Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: 5"6    Age: 18

Distinguishing Features: Often has very crazy outfits and carries a broom around since she's a witch in training.

Notes: Sal is Bob's cousin, as well as currently Karl's girlfriend. She's a chipper and girly young thing, but not to be messed with when she's got access to her broom. Though she specializes in non-combat magic, she can turn her broom into a flying bazooka which is her preferred weapon.


Name: Jason Saskia

Eye Colour: Teal   Hair Colour: Black

Height: 5"9    Age: 19

Distinguishing Features: Korean Ex-Circus Clown who can perform amazing feats. Pretty much blind without his glasses though.

Notes: Jason grew up in a family circus. Nobody is quite sure why he left and is living in the apartment with the rest of the group now, but he seems to be fine with it. Very easy going and nice to everyone, Jason has been able to make his skills useful in combat despite not being trained for it. He is the only human member of the apartment to not have any past with outside worlds. He's also openly gay and used to have a major crush on Karl, but supports his relationship with Sal.


Name: Fred

Eye Colour: Dark Blue   Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: 9 1/2 inches   Age:??

Distinguishing Features: A cat with Blonde hair. Can transform into a larger feline form for battle.

Notes: A cat with the intelligence of a human. She was named Fred by Eddie before being found out to be a female cat. She is the pet of Bob, and is very protective of him. Sal's magic has allowed her the ability to transform when she needs to for combat purposes to let her help the group.