How do I contact you?

E-mail me at eecomics(AT) You know the drill, just replace (AT) with the @ symbol.

Please do not add me to mailing lists to send me forwards, chain mails, ect. I won't respond to questions that ask for spoilers. Just want to email me to tell me you like the comic? That's totally cool, I like those emails probably the best.


When does Emergency Exit update?

Starting July 1st, 2011: Mondays and Fridays. 

RSS Feed here.

I try to post updates to EE's Facebook page too, and it is set to automatically pass those updates onto its Twitter account.


What is the different between the Original Archives and the Current?

After working on EE for over 8 years, I have learned alot from all the mistakes I have made in the process. I started the comic very young without much of a goal or plan in mind with it. Over the years I improved and changed so much, though while a fun piece it could be confusing and hard to get into especially with the many art changes and experiments. Also the story just got so convoluted, in order to give it a respectful conclusion it would have required a cheap trick, or taken way longer than I wanted. So I settled for a reboot with a more condensed version of the same story. There was a lot of stuff that was retcon'd in this process, so the original archives aren't 100% canon, however it does portray the characters accuratly and lot of the events were similiar or did happen to the cast in the current version. There's a lot of development that is getting skipped because it was already done in that comic. Basically it's a "Stuff LIKE this happened" prequel. Will I ever do a version that tells the original complete story? Maybe, but the stuff I found the most important was kept so really it's not needed.


The Original Archives have so many art styles and so many typos!

Deal with it, I am not changing it now : P.


Who did your site?

I commissioned Kez of Winged Wolf Studio to design and build the basic CSS template for my site. I only have just enough skills to maintain stuff like that. Want to build a better site for me? Do it for free and I'll add the worth value to the Bonus Bar :D.


Will you teach me/link to/crossover with my webcomic?

If you have to ask me something about making webcomics, make it something specific that I obviously have some knowledge on. Do not only ask "How to make a comic." I will not answer it, there's too much and I don't have that sort of time. I am willing to answer specific questions though. Here are some useful links for making webcomics:

Webcomic Tutorials (Good place to start)    Comic Genesis (specifically their forums even if you're not hosted on CG).

Blambot Comic Fonts (Good for getting fonts to use)    Webcomic Promotion Guide (Good collection of ideas on how to gain readership).

With the new version of EE I no longer do crossovers. I generally only link webcomics I read, but if you're willing to link me back and your comic does impress me I will consider it so give it a shot, I have been out of the reading webcomic game for a while and getting back in.


Can I make EE Fan fiction/art/things and will you post them on your site?

Totally, I try to display everything I get on the site for the sake of my own ego. I usually try to promote whatever site you have with it too.


Can I commission you for art/colouring/comics?

Indeed you can, just check out my Commissions page.


How many EE comics have you made so far?

1380 pages prior to July 1st, 2011. New pages to come soon.


Are you a guy or a girl?

I am of the female gender.